Mdf Board

Mdf Board

MDF Board is medium-density of fiberboard, which is basically engineered wood obtained by breaking down hardwood and softwood composites. MDF Board is the beneficial replacement of the plywood crated by shattering down the softwood or hardwood residuals into the well-shaped wood fibres, frequently in a defibrillator, combining it with wax and a resin binder to add properties.

MDF Board Properties

  • Internal bond strength
  • Modulus of rupture
  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Thickness
  • Elasticity
  • Water absorption
  • Swelling


HDHMR is made by combining fibre chips, forest wood waste through a homogeneous construction process. These fibre chips are pressed together to form a single layer, removing small wood content to form a robust higher density board.

HDHMR board is developed using homogeneously method, which add benefits of carved, mould and routed during the construction process. Because of the multidimensional bond the HDHMR boards comes with higher screw strength, sometime close to 10 times more than usual block board and plywood. Also when talking about the cost effectiveness, HDHMR take over on other wooden boards.